Setting up Teamcity Hassle-Free CI/CD Tool on Self-hosted Server

TeamCity, developed by JetBrains, is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform designed to automate and streamline the software development process. It helps development teams efficiently build, test, and deploy software applications, accelerating development cycles and delivering high-quality code faster.

Step 1 Download TeamCity


  • TeamCity Professional (Free forever, even for commercial use)

Step 2 Installation

  • Run the downloaded .exe file.
  • Follow the TeamCity Setup wizard instructions:
  • Choose the TeamCity Home Directory for installation.
  • Optionally change the default Server Port (8111) and Agent Port (9090).
  • Select "Install TeamCity server and one build agent" option.
  • Choose a user account for the service (with relevant permissions).
  • Review and confirm the settings.

Step 3 Start TeamCity

  • After installation, the wizard will automatically start TeamCity.
  • If not, open a command prompt and navigate to the TeamCity_Home\bin directory.
  • Run the runAll.bat start command.

Configuring TeamCity Server Startup Properties;

  • Navigate to the TeamCity_Home\conf directory
  • Open

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